Agbelouve - The Project That Started It All!

The school build in Agbelouve is the first project that SET undertook after having visited the village with Sleeping Children Around the World. Located 80kms north of Togo’s capital of Lomé, Agbelouve has a population of only 7,000 people. After touring the existing school (at the insistence of the principal, who guided us through the facility), we recognized that only six of the nine classrooms in the school were in ‘ok’ condition. The three other classrooms were thatched-roof shelters, which were regularly attacked by wind and rain. The teachers had only faint blackboards on which to share knowledge with the 400 students who attended the school. Because of the poor conditions during inclement weather, most students would either stay home or choose to be cramped in the more permanent classrooms. As many as 65 students would shove themselves into a 35-person classroom just to attempt to learn.

After meeting with the principal, the village Chief, the Parents’ Committee and AED, we recognized the energy and commitment to education, and Agbelouve was selected as the first location for a SET school. The land and labour were supplied by the community, and a couple of months later, the 2,118-square-foot, three-classroom school was completed – both on time and on budget, at a cost of only $35,500 CAD. The reaction of the children visible in the photos speaks volumes, and inspired us to continue on with this work. 


The original school in this location opened in 1996. Upon visiting the school in 2014, it was clear that the existing building was deteriorating. The village is located 65kms northeast of Lomé, the capital of Togo, and is home to a population of 1,375.  

Completed in the spring of 2016, the newly built school educates more than 500 students, who are able to wash their hands and pump fresh water thanks to the newly drilled well.


Located 83kms northwest of Togo’s capital of Lomé, stagnant water in the region was responsible for many diseases in the village. The school build was completed in 2015 and, with the help of Ryan’s Well Foundation, handwashing, a hand pump and well was added in 2016 to provide sanitary facilities to the school’s 954 students, who were very celebratory once the project was completed.


This three-classroom school was completed with the help of manual labour that was provided by residents of the village. Some of the desks in the original school were made of palm fronds. The desks were often shared by 4-5 of the 120 students at the school. SET is hopeful that the new school has brought more hope than fear to these Togolese children.