The Anfoin school complex consists of School A and School B with 657 students in total.  One of the buildings in School A goes back to 1949.  When Don and Heather Barclay visited in April 2016, they discovered that this building, once the pride of the village, had become a decaying relic with cracked walls, loose roof, and crumbling floors; danger lurking for anyone entering. 

Along with several teachers and village elders the Director of School A, Afatchao Kliko, showed us where the new school would be built.  Afatchao has been in education for 35 years, five in Anfoin.  His hope before he retires was to see the 1949 school building replaced with a SET school.  His dream has come true as construction of the new school started in late May with plans to have it completed for school in September.