Who We Are

A registered Canadian charity, SET is managed by the people who established the organization in 2011 to address the concerns they have about the people of Togo and the lack of availability of proper education and educational resources for the Togolese children.

Working with partners including Action Enfance et Développement (AED Togo) and Ryan’s Well, SET provides proper school facilities, school supplies, as well as water wells and other water-related systems for communities throughout the southern regions of Togo. From complete construction to repairs, from chalk to desks to books and soccer balls, SET works to help improve the availability and quality of education for Togolese children. SET also supplements the intern teacher salaries.

Our Founders

The founders of SET have traveled throughout the southern region of Togo and visited many remote villages. During these travels, they have identified numerous sites that require resources to improve the education of the Togolese children. While some of these projects have been completed, our founders are eager to continue as there is still much work to be done. Our founders are:

 Robert Barclay, Retired Chartered Accountant, President

 Dr. Donald Barclay, Retired Professor, Ivey School of Business, Western University, Secretary and Treasurer

 Dr. E. Anne Langlois, Retired Physician

 Dr. Simon Carette, Physician, Professor of Medicine, University of Toronto